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All About Guns What's your weapon of choice, and why? Discuss the beloved speargun here!

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Speargun Bluewater HELP

Has anyone had any experience with a Rob Allen tuna with a roller head.
I live in MA and was planning on going with a few buddies to spear the canyons for yellow fin tuna this summer. Was planning on buying a 140 RA tuna gun and putting a MVD roller head on it. Do you think this gun will have enough power and range or should I just Make a 140 4 bander.
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Re: Speargun Bluewater HELP

Unless you're really tall or have a load assist, a 140 roller with pre-tensioned bands will be tough to load. I'd recommend trying one or something comparable first.

I also would recommend more power to penetrate Tuna at distance, you may not have the energy needed at range to punch through the fish.
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Re: Speargun Bluewater HELP

140 RA Roller sounds long.

4 Band guns are Tried and True out there. 120 Roller is a good Mahi gun or for putting in Kill Shot on Tuna. Ofcourse.. sometimes they come in Close.. but honestly, not often. You should expect to need to make a fairly long Shot on a Tuna in the Canyons, and one thing about the Canyons... You never Know what is going to Swim up out there. It's truly the Wild West. A 200lb Wahoo could swim by.. a 350# Big Eye could swim by.
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Speargun Bluewater HELP

FYSA. Iím 6í 1Ē and my pathos 130 inverted roller is not loadable by any of my friends who are any shorter than me without a load assist. I already have to do the trick where you have the wishbone in one hand and grip in the other, force them together while simultaneously moving the butt to your chest pad.

Mind you, itís an inverted roller so Iím grabbing the wishbone AT the muzzle and itís way powered up with big bands at a stretch factor of 4 (thanks Pete ).

Long story short, that gun in that configuration seems like a pain unless you are tall as hell. You get more bang in a shorter stick with inverted

My 130 pathos inverted roller isnít fully tuned yet and itís outperforming my 4 band gun. Iíve never shot a single conventional roller but I donít think it will come anywhere near a 4 band gun of the same length. That being said- I tried my 130 as a 3 band conventional gun, WAYYY too much recoil to have decent accuracy when powered up. So again, my rec would be an inverted roller 120-130 powered up good with at least 3 sets of 16mm or, and definitely not as fun in the water - a heavy 4 band gun (not a tube gun) to absorb that recoil.

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Re: Speargun Bluewater HELP

The question is. How many big fish in the Canyons has that inverted 120/130 Pathos landed? For alllllllll the work to get out there, locate the fish, coincide with them... Tried and True is not a bad option. Break a band.. still can use. need to fix something.. it's all fairly simple.
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popgun pete
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Re: Speargun Bluewater HELP

As for controlling recoil I remember seeing a sketch in an old "Skin Diver" magazine showing a gun with a side handle angled outwards on the left hand side of the gun away from the shooting line wraps on the right. At the top of the handle it had a small shield or guard ring to protect your hand from receiving a whack from the metal ferrule wishbones that were used back then, although the wishbones would be unlikely to hit. The concept was you shot with both hands holding the gun like a "Sten" submachine gun from WWII, only there the second "handle" was the horizontally projecting ammo magazine. Although a snagging hazard it seemed an interesting idea and you could pull the gun around with it while going for an intercept shot. The gun was a "eurogun" type gun based on either the Cavalero or Beuchat gun of the day.
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